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Thank a Police Officer

With all of the recent events surrounding the tragedy that recently occurred in Dallas, Krafts by Kaleigh wanted to reach out and find a way we could show our local officers that we care. That we appreciate that. That we are grateful for all that they do for us.

A part of being a member of a community is loving and serving those with whom share the community with you. Police officers, among many other groups of people, live their lives each day serving us, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our children, and in the grand scheme, our country – which we are so graciously afforded to live in.

So let the tables turn and serve an officer today. Maybe it’s someone you know, maybe it’s the local department. But more valuable than the colors pressed on the paper will be the time spent and the words said.

To all of the police officers who do more for us than surely we can ever give thanks for – we appreciate you!

DOWNLOAD the PDF for the image below, attach it to a bag, treat or just a smile and deliver it to your local police department today!

CLICK HERE => Thank You Police – Krafts by Kaleigh

Thank You Police

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