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Dalmatian Birthday Party

Party 2

Originally made as a birthday party, a handful of customers have used this classic and adorable puppy party also as a baby shower!

Whatever celebration you use it for, we’re confident you’ll like our take on the classic and timeless 101 Dalmatians story. With Cruella’s color scheme and the pups’ dots, this party represents all that we love about the story’s villains and heroes.

As always, we want to thank Sarah Thurman Photography for capturing photos for us.

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Streamers and balloons work as a stunning and simple backdrop. Also, you can see we used tulle and ribbon all over the place to really add the black and red boldness throughout the table.


There are so fun dog-gone good puns (see what I did there?) that we used on our invitation. And look at that big group of puppy friends rushing to the party!



Pawprints, spots and a variety of patterns were used for our designs!

Food 4

This party would definitely not be complete without puppy chow (if you’ve never had it, you’re really missing out. We’ll make you a batch!) Also, serving fruit in pet food bowls and calling our blue jello toilet bowl water added a fun touch helping the kids really imagine themselves as pups!

Food 2

Foo 3


Water Bottle

Juice Box

Like many of our products, these juice box wrappers can be personalized for your own party!

Straw Flags

Napkin 3

Sign 7

Sign 2

Gift Bag

These are definitely in our top favorites list of all of our gift bags! Like almost all of our products, we can assemble and ship them for you or you can print your own! They are so cute! The ears hang off of the bags and for that reason, they can all be slightly unique – like Dalmatians are!


Sign 1

The pet bowls were used as individual plates for the guests. This is such a fun idea and really not that expensive – we found these bowls at our local dollar store!

Center Piece

As always, we recommend placing your centerpieces into crinkle paper. Some florist foam at the bottom can also help keep the centerpieces in place.


Candy Bar Wrapper

Premium Confetti

Candy jar



This banner has correlating squares and circles and can be personalized to say the birthday child’s name!

Favors 2

Favor 1

There we go with those puns again! We love ‘em. Lucky for all of us, the Scooby-Doo themed graham crackers at the grocery store are in the shape of cute little bones – perfect for puppy treat favors to send home with your guests!

Cupcakes 1

We happen to have a cupcake tier but if you don’t, you can always stack different size boxes wrapped in colored paper to make your own cupcake display.

Party 1

Vendor Credits:

Styling Concept: Krafts by Kaleigh
Printable Graphic Designs: Krafts by Kaleigh
Photography: Sarah Thurman Photography
Printing: ColorHaus PrintCo
Custom cookies: Whisk Sweets


Printable Package: here
Invitation: here
Candy Kiss Bottoms: here
Candy Bar Wrappers: here
Hats: here
Food Label Tents: here
Water Bottle Wrappers: here
Straw Flags: here
Juice Box Wrappers: here
Napkin Rings: here
Party Signs: here
Gift Bags: here
Centerpieces: here
Bubble Wrappers: here
Mini Candy Bar Wrappers: here
Banner: here
Favor Bag Toppers: here
Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers: here
Thank You Card: here

Thanks for checking out our Dalmatian party! Stay krafty!

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