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Be My Valen-SLIME!

Many of you have seen my sweet niece Kassi grow as KbK Parties has developed over the years. Naturally as valentine season comes along her likes and interests have inspired many of our newest creations! We thought because of her minor obsession with Disney Descendants a new design of some villain valentines would steal the heart of this 10 year old… NOPE! Our house is getting a whole lot stickier because we’re buckling down for Valen-SLIMES Day! I guess that’s what the kids are into these days…?

Don’t get me wrong… I love slime… at other people’s house. So it’s only natural that this 10 year old would make such a request, right? Isn’t that the nature of kids to a T? Well to fill all of the requests for slime, we’ve got an extra special EDITABLE SLIME VALENTINE FREEBIE for you as well as some fun ideas and recipes to go with it! Before you go running to the store to grab your Elmers Glue and contact solution, we’ve got a few tips for you!


1. Slime works MUCH BETTER in a portion cup than it does in a baggie.

2. Our Valen-SLIME freebie is formatted for Avery Labels! Pick up some Avery 22817 (2″ diameter, 12 per page) circle labels for quick and easy assembly!

3. Tie your hair back before making slime… enough said. Haha.



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